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We at Hagital consulting have carefully curated this online business analysis and scrum training with exciting modules and specializations so that our students can have a comfortable learning experience of the most demanded cyber security skills. You will have our complete guidance from the moment you enquire till the day you round up your training as a successful cyber security expert. So, don’t think twice and make the decision right away!

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Syllabus That Keeps You Relevant and Up-to-date in Business Analysis and Scrum

Our online Business Analysis and Scrum course includes an updated syllabus curated by industry experts. With project-based training and real-life projects, this syllabus prepares learners for today’s demanding industry.

What you will learn in the Business Analysis and Scrum Training

Project initiation planning is a foundational phase where the project’s scope, objectives, and stakeholders’ needs are defined. It involves outlining key deliverables, setting a clear timeline, and allocating necessary resources. Here you’d be learning:

  • The role of a business analyst
  • Understanding the business objective
  • What is a stakeholder and how to identify them
  • Assigning responsibilities to stakeholders using a RACIMatrix
  • Stakeholder register and template 

The Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) outlines the systematic process of creating software applications. It begins with requirements gathering, defining user needs and project scope. That’s why we have carefully outlined the well chosen contents for this section. They are:


  • Business analyst glossary of terms
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Scrum (Agile)
  • Rapid application development (RAD)
  • Prototyping

Agile methodology is a collaborative, iterative approach to software development. It emphasizes flexibility, allowing teams to adapt to changing requirements during the project.  For this reason that’s why we enriched this training by dedicating a whole course to take you through Agile.

  • What is Agile
  • Agile concepts
  • History of Agile
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile FAQ and Myth

With the current development of today’s world and the advent of Software as a Service, most businesses leverage on tools to optimize their work process. We believe our students must be industry ready by teaching them the best tools to use for their business analysis.

  • Introduction to Jira
  • Jira’s History
  • Components in Jira
  • Scrum boards in Jira
  • Introduction to Trello
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement overview
  • Stakeholder power interest analysis template
  • Stakeholder RACI Matrix
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix
  • Conducting a project review
  • Verifying the completion of a project
  • Set Project performance measures
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Power BI
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Overview of Requirements
  • Requirements Elicitation Basics
  • Introduction to Requirement Analysis
  • Introduction to Requirement  Specification
  • Introduction to Requirement Approval

Who Is This Training For?

Anyone, whether a newcomer or a professional willing to learn Data Science can optin.

Marketing Professionals

This training is designed for busy professionals looking to advance their careers and increase their competitive advantage

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

This training equips small business owners with the knowledge and skills they reach a wider audience, drive larger traffic, and increase brand visibility using various digital marketing strategies

Career Switchers

This training is the perfect starting point for career switchers looking to build a career in the digital world. This training has been designed to make you ready for the highly competitive market


This training helps college students expand their knowledge by equipping them with the business analysis courses required to be an irresistible asset to any company.

Learning Methodology

Practical Videos
Watch over 50 detailed videos featuring skilled industry experts

Instructional Manuals

Have access to a detailed PDF covering the diversity of digital marketing


Have access to 3 months of post-training in technical support and mentorship

Real-life Project

Test your knowledge with a range of real-life tasks and assignments

You have our complete guidance from the moment you enquire till the day you roundup your training as a successful business analysis  expert. So, don’t think twice and make the decision right away!

Learning Format

Online: Virtual Classes
48 Live Classes with access to pre-recorded classes


(Promo price based on outright payment)


4 months (project-based learning)
Day of Classes: Mondays and Fridays
Time of Classes: 7 pm to 9:00 pm

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Popular questions answered

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What is business analysis and scrum certification?

Yes, Business Analysis and Scrum Certifications are not just items to include in your resume.

Having a certification plays a huge role in getting a job or not. A certificate in business analysis shows employers that you can identify and articulate the need for change in how organizations work and how to facilitate that change.

The Scrum certification will enhance your work experience and help you get better career opportunities in the industry

Business Analysis is a career full of amazing opportunities to utilize your intelligence. It pays a higher salary than other business roles. The demand for business analysts has increased in recent years. 

Yes, business analysis can be studied online. At Hagital, we make online learning as
seamless as possible to give you the best online learning experience. You have
lifetime access to the materials used and missed classes.

Yes, Hagital Consulting offers continuous support for career success.

The fee for the Business Analysis and Scrum Course (plus IIBA MEMBERSHIP and IIBA CERTIFICATION) is 350,000 Naira for the promo price and 700,000 naira for the normal payment.


Success Stories

What our students are saying about their learning experience


Attending Hagital’s training program was a game-changer. The trainers were knowledgeable and the program was well-structured, making it an incredible learning experience

Rita Nwachukwu
Okigwe, Imo State

I learnt Business Analysis with Hagital in 2022, now I am working with businesses and companies and earning 6 figures. Thanks, Hagital

Taiwo Oluwole

Ikeja, Lagos

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