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We at Hagital Consulting have carefully curated this online digital marketing training with exciting modules and specializations so that our students can have a comfortable learning experience of the most demanded digital marketing skills. You will have our complete guidance from the moment you enquire till the day you round up your training as a successful digital marketing expert. So, don’t think twice and make the decision right away!

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Our online digital marketing course includes an updated syllabus curated by industry experts. With project-based training and real-life projects, this syllabus prepares learners for today’s demanding industry.

What you will learn

Facebook and Instagram ads are powerful digital marketing tools. Leveraging their vast user base, these platforms enable businesses to reach targeted audiences with tailored content. That’s why as a digital marketer, learning how to leverage social media would bring a change to your digital marketing game.

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Advanced Facebook Ads


Website development involves creating and maintaining online platforms. It encompasses multiple aspects, including front-end design, back-end functionality, and user experience optimization.

  • Introduction to Website Development
  • Importing and Exporting Templates
  • Setting up of the Complete Website
  • Google Search Engine Optimization for Websites

Google and YouTube ads are influential digital marketing tools. Google Ads showcases ads on search results and across the Google Display Network, offering a broad reach and targeting options based on keywords and user interests. YouTube ads appear on the video-sharing platform, targeting users by demographics and preferences.

  • Google Ads Account Set up 
  • Search Ads, Display Ads, and Video Ads
  • YouTube Channel Creation and Uploading of Videos
  • Keyword Research Techniques and Tools

Information marketing involves creating and disseminating valuable content to promote products or services. It’s about sharing knowledge, insights, and solutions that address the target audience’s needs. This form of marketing uses various channels like blogs, ebooks, webinars, and podcasts to educate and engage potential customers. 


  • The Multi-Billion Dollars Information Industry
  • The Principles of Monetizing Knowledge
  • Generating Content For Your Information Product
  • Business of Information Product

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, refers to buying and selling products or services online. It has revolutionized retail by providing a digital platform for businesses to reach a global customer base.

  • Multinational Importation
  • The Local Arbitrage Business
  • The Retail E-commerce Business Model
  •  Product Research Techniques
  • How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing
  • How to Grow a Digital Marketing Agency
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Advanced Career Support

Real estate marketing involves promoting properties and services to attract potential buyers, sellers, or renters. It employs various strategies, from traditional methods like flyers and signage to modern digital techniques such as social media ads, virtual tours, and property websites.

  • Digital Marketing Funnels for Real Estate Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Marketing.
  • How to close Real Estate Sales.

Who Is This Training For?

Anyone, whether a newcomer or a professional willing to learn Data Science can optin.

Marketing Professionals

This training is designed for busy professionals looking to advance their careers and increase their competitive advantage

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

This training equips small business owners with the knowledge and skills they reach a wider audience, drive larger traffic, and increase brand visibility using various digital marketing strategies

Career Switchers

This training is the perfect starting point for career switchers looking to build a career in the digital world. This training has been designed to make you ready for the highly competitive market


This training helps college students expand their knowledge by equipping them with the basics and advanced digital marketing courses required to be an irresistible asset to any company.

Learning Methodology

Practical Videos
Watch over 50 detailed videos featuring skilled industry experts

Instructional Manuals

Have access to a detailed PDF covering the diversity of digital marketing


Have access to 3 months of post-training in technical support and mentorship

Real-life Project

Test your knowledge with a range of real-life tasks and assignments

You have our complete guidance from the moment you enquire till the day you roundup your training as a successful digital marketing expert. So, don’t think twice and make the decision right away!

Learning Format

Online: Virtual Classes
with access to pre-recorded classes


(Promo price based on outright payment)


6 months (practical-based learning)
Day of Classes: Tuesdays – Fridays
Time of Classes: 7 pm to 9:00 pm

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Popular questions answered

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A digital marketing certification is a certificate you earn after completing a course in digital marketing. The certificate stands as evidence of your expertise in digital marketing

Yes, a digital marketing certification from an institute like Hagital is important as it helps you stay ahead of others and also boosts your CV.

The field of digital marketing is diverse and offers many opportunities. With a certificate in digital marketing, you get the unique chance to increase sales, build a brand, and even create a community. You can work for yourself or other businesses as their digital marketer, social media marketer, digital strategist, or brand marketer

Yes, digital marketing can be studied online. At Hagital, we make online learning as seamless as possible to give you the best online learning experience.

Yes, Hagital Consulting offers continuous support for career success.

The fee for the Advanced Digital Marketing Training is 120,000 naira for a one-time payment. The fee can be paid in installments, 80% commencement fee and 20% before completion of the training


Success Stories

What our students are saying about their learning experience


Attending Hagital’s training program was a game-changer. The trainers were knowledgeable and the program was well-structured, making it an incredible learning experience

Rita Nwachukwu
Okigwe, Imo State

I learnt Digital Marketing with Hagital in 2022, now I am working with businesses and companies and earning 6 figures. Thanks, Hagital

Taiwo Oluwole

Digital Marketer

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