Amplify The Skills Of Your Team With Corporate Training In Digital Marketing .

Today, digital is the new normal, especially in the corporate realm. This mandates the need to not just know the A to Z of digital marketing but also upgrade the skills in part of the digital trends. Hagital offers detailed corporate workshops for digital marketing that arm your employees with the right skills that enable them to deliver performance beyond the ordinary and garner high ROI. Through our corporate training in digital marketing, we aim to transform the corporate marketing scenario and paint a landscape of digital brilliance. .

You Can Outsmart competitors & get your business to the top of Social Media with the best-in-class Search Engine Optimization Training Program

Every organization needs a great digital marketing team that is resposible for optimizing your business and making it appear top on google and other social media platforms.We Offer Corporate Digital Marketing Training to Deliver excellence.We've helped companies of all sizes digitally transform their marketing team, and workplaces, drive financial growth, and blaze paths to success. We offer corporate training to Upskill your workforce with hands-on Digital Marketing Knowledge. The Trainings are Conducted onsite at your location or live online from anywhere. You can also send your staff for our public enrollment Digital Marketing classes that hold at our institution

Here’s How We’ll Train Your Team To Tackle Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Step 1. Discovery.

  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Persona Development
  • Brand Assessment
  • Messaging and Creative Review


Step 2. Concept Ideation

  • Goals & Strategic Foundation
  • Channel Selections
  • Lead & Conversion Funnels
  • Marketing Calendar


Step 3. Planning, Activation, & Iteration

  • Objective & Strategy Execution
  • Campaign Launch
  • Testing
  • Reporting

Find Out How We Can Help Your Team

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Omiyale Deborah (Director at Hagital Consulting LTD)

Hagital Consulting Limited (Instagram @hagitalconsulting) is a top leading tech Institute. Hagital has provided physical and online training programs to more than 10,000 Africans from more than 40 cities and 15 countries in tech skills such as digital marketing, data science, data analysis, software application testing, cloud computing, product design (UI/UX), IT business analysis, product management, digital marketing, and software development.

We Will Teach You A multi-faceted approach to Digital Marketing That Will Get You Results.

Let us help you reinforce your digital marketing team

We train your team on how to drive more traffic to your business. Get more qualified traffic that matters most to your business on all social media platform. Trust our proven track record to set up your marketing team who will aid to maximize your company's visibility online. Set your organization up for long-term success. Most of the organizations that allowed us train their team/staffs have experienced increased traffic to their physical and online outlet upto 200%

Our Specialized Digital Marketing Training Options

We offer both onsite and online training programs on digital marketing, social media ROI strategy for business, leadership management, entrepreneurship, business etiquette, personal branding & grooming, communication, public speaking, retail and e-retail management, luxury management, mobile marketing and ecommerce strategies.

Clients Feedback

We are a sound rental company, we have more than 500 different sound equipments, prior to using the training service of hagital, we struggled to get clients but now its a different story , i have a marketing team that promoted our rental service on all 4 crucial networks. i was able to achieve this after the traing
Kehinde Ajayi
CEO at diigibox sounds
I will always recommend Hagital for any trainings, most especially team trainings because they are result orientated. I have been getting better turn over since i began working with them.
Elizabeth Ogundimu
CEO at lizzyapparels
We are a Dubai Company and we built a strong clientele using the simple methods that Hagital thought our staff. Nice one
Andriyko Podilnyk
CEO at Pathfinder Realestate company
Contrary to popular belief, When it comes to real estate digital marketing is one of the main type of marketing required to upscale.We worked with Hagital for 3months and we achieved amazing results with marketing and recruitment
Segun Philips
CEO at Sabre Works
Very Skilled and qualified teachers. We received more satisfactory feedbacks from our customers after undergoing the team training from hagital.
Charles Ogbuanu
CEO at Crystalz Enterprises

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We’ll discuss your training needs free of charge. If you’re not sure exactly what training your company needs, our expert instructors are ready to learn about your goals and help decide what learning program is best. We make your goals our priority so that you and your team can experience impactful development that leads to dramatic growth.

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