3 Best Nigerian Data Science Training Programs for 2023

3 Best Nigerian Data Science Training Programs for 2023

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Looking for the 3 best Data science training courses in Nigeria for 2023?

You’re in the right place.

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Top 3 Nigeria Data Science Training Programs in Nigeria 

The value of Data Science has been recognized practically by every industry because of digital transformation.

While we understand that this is a very lucrative skill, the problem is that only a few data scientists are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills.

In Nigeria, big businesses are now trying their best to leverage the data they have and they are out in the search for the best data scientist.

You should take the best Data Science training to have a competitive advantage.

Here are the top Data Science training you may want to enroll in.

Our rankings are based on reviews and data. According to the data, the #1 Data Science training in Nigeria  is:

1. Hagital Consulting

Hagital Consulting has a renowned Data Science training program in Lagos. The program is reputable for its comprehensive and up-to-date Data Science courses tailored for beginners and those who want to advance in their data science journey.

Hagital Consulting has a comprehensive brochure that highlights what their training entails, this encompasses:

  • Python
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Machine Learning
  • Power BI
  • Architecture
  • Negotiation skills

amongst others. Students also get the opportunity to learn from real-life experiences.

A unique feature of the Hagital Data Science training program is the personalized guidance by skilled tech professionals and industry experts. They also have tailored programs for all skill levels with training covering the latest tech tools and trends..

2. Gomycode

At Gomycode, their mission is to democratize education by empowering technology enthusiasts to learn tech skills. They have created a safe learning environment that enables you to challenge yourself with new skills. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people, even outside of your industry

Follow your courses through our online platform! Track your progress and performance, schedule meetings with your instructors, and take the various tests and checkpoints wherever you are.

3. Lagos Data School

Lagos Data School was established to educate aspiring Data Analysts to become proficient in all the competencies needed in the workplace, in order to ensure that professionals have the competitive advantage to work in challenging environments with competitive payment wherever they find themselves.

Their courses are taken by competent instructors with real-life examples and 100% project-based sessions to enhance the ability of the learner to gain proficiency in all the tools needed to gather data, extract data, modify, and manage data for decision-making.

Lagos Data School ensures that every registered participant or learner can learn data analysis from the very fundamentals at their pace with different instructional guides using graphics, video, and flip boards with the help of our one-on-one instructors.

Their courses take participants through the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and immersive stages.

What to consider before choosing a data science course in Nigeria?

Since you will be spending money on Data Science training in Nigeria, you should look for a course provider that’s guaranteed for success. Here are some things to look for in a Data Science training program that suits your needs.

Course Content

Knowing what you can learn from the course and helping you with your goal is important.

What topics are included in the course? What level of SEO expertise are you looking to reach?

How often is the training updated?

As the world is developing, new languages and tools to help in analyzing data keep evolving. If that’s the case, you may need to check if the training includes the latest tools and programming languages used in data science to stay updated, both in learning and industry.

Who teaches Data Science Training?

Does the course have experienced instructors and Data Science?

Quality training can only be provided by a seasoned Data Scientist. You can’t sign up for Nigerian Data Science training programs handled by Data Scientists with limited knowledge.

If your main aim is to entirely learn Data Science, look for certified professionals. They must know how to read and analyze data to proffer solutions.

Does the training provide any certifications?

If you want to build a data science career, you need to know if a course offers a globally recognized certificate. You want to include it in your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Certification training is expensive, but it is worthwhile.


Whether you are a newbie or you have knowledge about data science, the world is now revolving around data and big companies are in search of data scientists and analysts to help them translate the data at hand.

While few people might say the skill is a bit difficult due to its relationship with mathematics, statistics, and programming language, it’s your opportunity to leverage it and become the most sought-after data scientist in town.

You can start your journey by checking Data Science training courses in Nigeria at Hagitals.

You can also take a look at their Brochure.


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