3 Best Data Science Training Programs in Lagos for 2023

3 Best Data Science Training Programs in Lagos for 2023

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Choosing to delve into the versatile field of data science means becoming an expert in making positive change.

As a data scientist, you become an asset to organizations as you help them with the valuable information needed to make confident decisions, propel businesses forward, and drive changes, all from data!

With the growing demand for data scientists and the low supply of people with the skill, becoming a data scientist has proven to be a secure career path.

You might be wondering if “data science is in high demand in Nigeria”

The answer to that is Yes. The popularity of data science in Nigeria has grown over the years and will continue to be on the rise.

Data is everywhere. But not everyone can extract meaningful insights from data, which is where you come in as a data scientist.

Data science is an all-time in-demand profession and a versatile career to pursue.

If the question on your mind is “Where can I find a reputable data science training program in Lagos?”, this article is here to sort that out.

Listed below are the top 3 reputable data science training programs available in Lagos in 2023

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Top 3 Best Data Science Training Programs in Lagos

1. Hagital Consulting

Digital Consulting is proud of its ability to create cutting-edge and individualized solutions to successfully position you as a top-tier data scientist. Digital Consulting is a prominent destination for Data Science coaching.

Hagital Consulting, which is based in the heart of excellence, has distinguished itself from other data science training programs in Lagos. They have a proven track record of assisting brands in scaling profitably and successfully, all due to their high-performance tactics.

A special feature of the program is the coaching and mentoring sessions you receive as part of your Hagital Consulting Data Science training

Through individualized coaching from our expert instructors, these sessions assist you in realizing your greatest potential. Additionally, you have access to direct interaction with an industry expert who will give you tailored care and assistance.

With real-time projects and over 40 detailed classes in this course, you have the chance to gain expertise in Python, Statistics, Microsoft Excel, SQL, Machine learning, Power BI, and Data Analytics to mention a few.

You can check it out on their Brochure.

2.  Torilo Academy

Located in Lagos, Nigeria, Torilo Academy has proven to be a home to a supportive learning community.

Torilo Academy is part of Torilo Group, a tech and digital firm with over 10 years of experience in training, designing products, developing software, digital marketing, data analysis, and database management.

The academy stands out for its flexible learning environment where students move at their pace and also have access to undiluted attention from expert tutors.

With students working in teams and independently, Torilo Academy prepares them for their future careers.

3. Gomycode 

Over the past six years, Gomycode has successfully trained over 30,000 students and established partnerships with more than 100 organizations across eight countries.

Gomycode offers one-to-one tailored meetings, a flexible learning environment, and personalized support to further help students gain mastery in their respective programs.

Some of their courses include Introduction to User DesignInterfacee, Advanced Digital Marketing, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Business Intelligence, Data Science, etc.

Gomycode also has an interactive online platform where students can track their progress and performance, schedule meetings with instructors, and take various tests and checkpoints without any hindrance.

Be a Wise Nigerian

In conclusion, entrepreneurship has received a lot of attention in the nation, and the majority of business owners are searching for the most skilled data scientists who can help them extract meaningful insights and make business decisions from the large volume of data available.

Compared to other IT sectors, data science is less saturated and is also one of the highly highly-paid jobs available today.

Trying to update your knowledge through the courses offered by reputable Nigerian Data Science Training programs will be a significant investment, regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced professional.

Data Science however requires commitment and dedication. With the right institute, the learning would be smooth and impactful. As a student at Hagital Consulting, you would be exposed to insights and real-life experience to ease understanding and set you up for your career success.

By checking the #1 Data Science Training Program in Nigeria, you can begin your journey into the versatile field of data science.

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