Are Digital Marketing Courses Worth the Money? What You Should Know

Are Digital Marketing Courses Worth the Money? What You Should Know

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It is challenging to get a job without job experience. Oh, it’s even more difficult to get experience without a job. Sad truth!

This is the cry of many individuals in Nigeria, where the employment rate is below ground level, and prices of commodities are skyrocketing. The best thing you can do is enroll in as many digital marketing courses or digital marketing training as possible. But are these courses beneficial in the long run?

This article isn’t a course review. It is to help you with intelligent decision-making at any point in your journey.

Are Digital Marketing Training Worth the Money?

Online education has been on the rise. Data by ResearchGate shows that of 785 undergraduates who served as samples for a study on online learning, most students had a positive perception of self-efficacy. Considering how poor the economy has become, many Nigerians are beginning to look for an escape route, with others already making way for themselves. 

Digital marketing courses are beneficial and exemplify your abilities to succeed in the marketing field. However, it takes hard work and an upgraded level of commitment to benefit from such training. Only a few individuals know how to choose a digital marketing course. Most Nigerians hop on anything they find online. As a result, they fall victim to scams or get little information than what they paid for.

Such situations leave others wondering if digital marketing training is worth the fees. They are worth more than the fees if you know which steps to take. An excellent digital marketing training course will teach all the basics of this craft down to advanced schemes and topics.

Some tutors organize specialized classes for those who’d love to tune down to a particular field. Once you know your interest and are ready to learn, getting a digital marketing training worth your money is sure. Otherwise, you might be among many Nigerians wondering if they’ve wasted their training fee. Or if they should put money into learning.

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What is the Cost of Enrolling in a Digital Marketing Course?

A digital marketing course cost may vary depending on factors like the duration, schemes, and field of study. While it is true that you can find so many free courses online, it pays best to choose a more professional tutor or platform. Most free and paid courses are time wasters; others approach learners with hidden motives.

Digital Marketing courses have different costs, ranging from as low as $60 to a whopping $5000. You go for what you want with what you have. Specialized courses often have high fees and will cover everything you need to know to become an expert. Surprisingly, it’s worth every penny.

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing courses consist of several fields. We have social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, web design & development, etc. It’s left to you to choose which is suitable for you.

And how do you do that? Examining your interest level in every field and aligning it with your goals and where you can commit to learning. Be different from most Nigerians who make hasty decisions about what they need to know. Consider the following factors first:

Course Content

Yes, marketing is diverse, but knowing all about the field is optional. Hence, examine the course content of every course on your wishlist and see if it covers everything you need to know about the craft.

Course Length

Digital marketing courses vary in duration, which should be one factor to consider when deciding which suits you. While some courses are just for a few hours, others may take days. Specialized and more advanced classes may last for up to 24 weeks.


All courses have their schedules. You’ll find training that is only available at specific times and those that are available all through the year. Decide when your best time is to study. It will help you make a choice.


Do you prefer to study digital marketing online? You may need a teacher in person. Whichever way soothes you should determine which courses to choose.


Choosing a tutor has much to do with the outcome of your preferred course. Check their review sections and tutor list if you opt for any class. See what others have to say about them.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, it’s time to choose one. Don’t be hasty. Instead, use these factors to observe which is right for you. But consider the drawbacks!

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Flaws of Digital Marketing Courses

One primary setback of enrolling in digital marketing training is it consumes time. This can affect the time and energy it takes to complete the class. It is a setback, especially for those who work a full-time job.

Another reason why you may find learning this craft difficult is it is costly. Such courses may range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, and the tutor and duration determine this. Also, the outcome of these classes is always uncertain. You have to utilize the skills and knowledge obtained to leverage opportunities.

Despite these setbacks, learning this craft is highly beneficial and full of potential. A study confirms Nigeria’s media and entertainment industry is one of the fastest-growing creative industries in the world. So now, are digital marketing courses worth the money?


Getting a good outcome from digital marketing training depends on your learning ability. Most Nigerians complaining about not getting what they paid for fail to understand the tactics behind such courses. They either opted for the wrong tutor and invested little or no time. Undoubtedly, it is time-consuming, which is a turn-off for many Nigerians. But if you’re willing to dedicate your time and not just the money, then it’s worth it.

Hagital Consulting has taken note of these things. We are willingly making the experience an easy one for all Nigerians. Our course schedule is flexible. Nonetheless, we have schemes that are transparent for every process of the journey. Learn with us today!

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