How to Get into Digital Marketing without a Degree: Step-by-step Guide

How to Get into Digital Marketing without a Degree: Step-by-step Guide

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Are you eager to break into the digital marketing field but need a degree? You’re not alone. The demand for digital marketing expertise is soaring in Nigeria, and the good news is that you don’t necessarily need a degree to get started. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to get into digital marketing without a degree, emphasizing the value of practical knowledge over a degree. So, let go of those doubts and uncertainties because, by the end of this article, you’ll be well on your way to confidently mastering digital marketing.

What Skills Are Required to Get a Digital Marketing Job without a Degree?

Equipping yourself with the proper knowledge is the best step for a digital marketer. According to Payscale, the average salary of a social media manager is N600,000 per year.

A good certification is necessary, provided you learn the essential skills for this craft. Most employers want to know how you can contribute to the table. That said, the following are things you must learn to excel in this career field:

  1. Build your Credibility with Certifications

More is needed to have an idea of digital marketing. Aside from equipping yourself with good knowledge about the craft, take courses that will build your ability to proffer solutions for employers’ demands. 

There are many career opportunities in this field. Choose a certification based on interests and commit to being certified. This single act not only shows employers that you have the knowledge but also proves your commitment to helping their brand grow.

A good certification will highlight your commitments and skills, professionally showcasing them. It isn’t done by word of mouth.

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 2. Polish Your Resume

A resume is so powerful; it instills confidence in your entire experience about your career. Getting jobs with digital marketing skills requires creating an exceptional resume with several certifications and other adventures. That said, you should ensure to put down everything you know briefly.

Other things that your resume can include are a portfolio, contact info, work history, etc. One mistake many job seekers make is leaving out these essential factors. You might have all these included and still need to convince an employer. This is why communication should also come into play.

 3. Network

A resume isn’t just meant for decoration, so why leave it collecting dust on a shelf, tucked away in a drawer, or casually resting on a table? It’s time to take action and put it in the hands of the individuals who need to see it.

Whether online or locally, networking is essential to landing online marketing jobs. It is ideal to connect with others in the same field as you. Some have more experience and can navigate to any level or promotion.

An excellent way to network is by attending conferences and seminars, collaborating with others on specific projects, sharing ideas, and learning from experts. Online communities are also beneficial and seem more accessible to navigate. You’ll find many professionals in Nigeria. In all you do, network with the right people, and you’re ready.

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 4. Prove Your Abilities

Next, spend time doing the things that prove your ability to perform a great job. This is the part where an employer notices. He has seen the resume and work history and wants to observe if you’re truly fit for the job.

Most employers often give out opportunities to work with them for a while, like a trial job. Prove that the position applied for is cupcake by rendering an outstanding performance.

 5. Collaborate with Top Digital Marketing Leaders and Trends

Nobody succeeds alone. And even when they do, it isn’t just by their power and knowledge but with the help of toppers in the industry. Digital marketing is broad and will require you to learn from experts. After choosing online marketing jobs based on interests, follow top leaders to remain relevant in your chosen career.

Getting jobs with digital marketing skills involves staying updated with the trends. Learn social media marketing if that’s what it takes. Study search engine optimization to remain on Google’s top page ranking. Email marketing is part of the deal. Continue to evolve. Only then can you stay relevant in this career field.

 6. Work with Your Network

Your network is a potential. Socializing and knowing the experts in your field will do much good. Working with them on projects and attaining success at every point of the journey will skyrocket you to the top.

Successful digital marketers know how to collaborate with professionals in the industry. Better still, these individuals share ideas and knowledge to benefit each other. They need to network and get to know everyone.

 7. Create a Portfolio

A portfolio is necessary in every career field in the tech industry. It showcases your work diligently. Not having a portfolio will only seem like you’re rendering false promises. Nonetheless, a portfolio should be in your resume.

There are several websites with options to create a portfolio. Google Docs is also acceptable alongside other platforms. When building yours, ensure you arrange your work neatly. With a portfolio, showcasing your skills and work history is done practically. Ensure to include your best samples in it.

 8. Join Internships

Entry-level digital marketers may have to seek intern jobs to perfect their skills. This may involve working to get paid or voluntarily partnering with a professional or company to perfect your skills.

There are lots of internships online and locally. Such positions can help you develop marketing techniques like research and data analysis. Training builds your experience and shows employers your commitment to the industry.

 9. Apply for Jobs

It’s time to start applying for online marketing jobs based on your interests. Don’t be a jack of all trades; it kills. Master a skill and apply for jobs in areas that are beneficial to you.

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If you’re a beginner, opt for entry-level jobs. Most companies offer such opportunities and would gladly help you develop your skills. Remember, you put so much effort into getting to where you are now. Ensure to settle with high-paying jobs.

 10. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect. Never stop developing yourself at every point of your journey. Even top digital marketers continue to learn and build their strengths where they find weaknesses. Stay updated with trends. Practice, practice, practice.

Nigeria is full of opportunities. Over 5.1 million individuals use Twitter. Imagine how many percent of these figures will need a social media manager.


There’s so much work to be done as a digital marketer, with or without a degree in Nigeria. Educational background may be a plus, but it matters less than your knowledge and skills. Many individuals look for how to get into digital marketing without a degree but try to cut corners. Only a few churn out time to take each step at a time. Ultimately, the latter is quicker to land a digital marketing job than his peers. Do what’s necessary, and the rest will sort itself.

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