How To Get a Job in Digital Marketing in 9 Steps (Plus Tips)

How To Get a Job in Digital Marketing in 9 Steps (Plus Tips)

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Are you looking for how to get a job in digital marketing? Perhaps you have the skills and know much about the craft but find it challenging to secure a position. Worry less; landing a role is nothing but cupcakes if you follow due procedure. You just might hit your biggest gig.

Though there are many jobs in digital marketing, finding one that soothes your interest may seem daunting. This article will walk you through securing a position in a reputable firm with little effort. Remember, following due procedures looks like cutting corners when you do it right.

Top 9 Tips to Land a Digital Marketing Job

Many individuals know how to get a job in digital marketing but must improve at keeping this position. What is the essence of securing a role in a marketing firm that you’ll leave a few days later? Others have made mistakes for you to learn from. The following are nine steps to landing a digital marketing job with ease anywhere in the world:

  1. Obtain A Marketing Education

While getting a degree is a standard requirement for a digital marketing job in Nigeria, skills and work experience are much more necessary. Most employers prefer to see what you can offer or bring to the table rather than your educational background. It could be Search Engine Optimization (SEO), critical thinking, social media management, or even marketing automation. These skills are essential for getting jobs in digital marketing. A degree is more like a plus.

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 1. Develop Your Skills

Choose specific digital marketing skills based on your interests and develop yourself. You don’t need to be a jack of all trades. It’s all about keeping up with trends.

Some skills that are in high demand include Google Analytics, Pay-per-click, and Search Engine Marketing. Develop your knowledge in these areas to include in your resume and search for jobs in digital marketing that align with them.

 2. Gain Hands-on Experience

It’s time to put your skills to work, but not officially. Search for internships or take a freelance contract to perfect your skills. Some entry-level digital marketing jobs will help build your knowledge while also rendering an opportunity to earn. Another idea is seeking referrals from other experts in the same field.

 3. Optimize Your Online Presence

Put yourself out there by all means necessary. You have the skills and talents now; don’t hide them underneath the rug. Optimizing your online presence is an excellent way to stay on your game. Posts content about digital marketing regularly on social media. Tell others about your experience and continuously expand your portfolio. Also, have everything you know included in your resume.

 4. Join Groups

Joining relevant groups is a massive plus if utilized the right way. It helps you to learn and is an excellent avenue for getting a job, provided that you use the resources available to your advantage. Don’t spam! Instead, post positive content and contribute to ideas and potential discussions. You can never tell which employer is watching or scouting for skillful individuals in the same field.

 5. Network with Other Marketers

How good does it seem when specific individuals can confidently recommend your services to an employer? This is why networking is another master tip for every digital marketer. Socialize with other field experts, but join online communities and always make known your abilities, especially with your work history.

 6. Collaborate with An An In-House Brand

More often than not, most popular brands offer public positions for digital marketers who are just starting. These positions will help build your skills and work experience. They are also an excellent fit for your portfolio.

Search through newsletters and blogs that discuss hiring new positions. Opt for whichever one aligns with your qualifications and interests.

 7. Start a Website

Starting a website is like obtaining a real-world case study. This is a significant turn-on for employers because they know how much effort is required to start and run a successful website. Experience is the best teacher, they say!

Starting a website will expose you to many skills, including traffic building, search engine optimization, etc. It will benefit you in ways you can never imagine.

 8. Work for Free

This is a hard pill to swallow but one of the best newbie decisions you can ever make. Clients are usually doubtful about hiring a digital marketer with no work history or track record. Offering to work for free on a project reduces the fear of losing everything. That said, employers will be willing to give you a trial.

Almost all successful digital marketers had to do this at one point in their journey. It’s always a good idea to give it a try, too.

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Examples of Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs

Here, we’ll look at the entry-level digital marketing jobs you can choose. However, choosing a position based on your skills and interests is highly necessary. In digital marketing, mediocrity is intolerable. While you can extend your abilities to several fields, ensure you stick to what you know. 

That said, the following are entry-level digital marketing jobs:

  • Social Media Specialist: Handles social media content for an individual, company, or organization.
  • SEO/SEM Manager: Implements tactics for building traffic and website engagement, refining content with keywords, Pay-per-click ads, etc.
  • Content Manager: Creates content to increase brand awareness.
  • SEO Writer: Develops high-ranking content to help drive sales and traffic to a website.
  • Digital Marketing Assistant: researches growth strategies and engages the manager while organizing campaigns to benefit the organization.
  • Digital Marketing Manager: Evaluates, manages digital campaigns, and develops new strategies.
  • Chief Marketing Officer: monitors Manager’s activities and implements departmental strategies where necessary.

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Digital marketers are usually financially stable. Fibre2fashion highlights the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment’s statistics of Nigerian e-shoppers, estimated to reach 122.5 million by 2025. All these roles will earn you a high income.


In Nigeria, digital marketers rock. A study shows that the total ad spending for digital advertising will likely reach $254.70m. Nonetheless, to become one isn’t a day’s job.

In digital marketing, focusing on building your knowledge about the craft and following due procedures is best. The steps in this article will help you avoid mistakes that many beginners and even successful marketers have made in the past. With thorough implementation of your skills and an intelligent strategy, how to get a job in digital marketing is super easy.

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